VIDEO! LEARNING THE UKULELE! Taught by Michael Gillette. Retail Price $19.95. From New Media Video Concepts in Canada. 27 minutes long. HERE'S WHAT NEW MEDIA SAYS ABOUT THIS VIDEO.."On this 27 minute tape Michael Gillette (author of over 40 instructional videos) takes us on a tour of this instrument introducing TUNING, PARTS, FINGERING, BASIC CHORDS (chart included), RHYTHMS AND EVEN SOME SINGLE NOTE PLAYING. The material given draws from popular and Polynesian music making this tape a must have first lesson." Copyright 1999. This is a great selling video in our store. It gives new Uke players the basic info to get started.

LEARNING THE UKULELE VIDEO! With Michael Gillette, NEW! UKE-VDRegular Price: $17.95Sale Price: $17.95
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