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Schertler Bluestick BLU2570 Acoustic Guitar Pickup


Schertler BLUESTiCK 2570 Active Undersaddle Guitar Pickup w/Preamp, Volume



  • Schertler BLUESTICK Active Undersaddle Guitar Pickup
  • Active Internal Preamp / EQ  included.

  • Incredible Dynamic Range and Extended Frequency Response
  • Pickup size: 2.5mm x 70mm (3/32" x 2 3/4") to fit most steel string guitars like Martin,  Taylor, Gibson, Guild, Yamaha, Ovation, etc.
  • Schertler model #BLU2570  AKA BLU-2570
  • Sound Associates Music Price: $229.95 MSRP Price: $275.00 You Save: $45.05 (16.38 %)

The Schertler BLUESTiCK ACTIVE system combines the renowned BLUESTiCK STANDARD features, such as a patented active transducer that places the miniaturized equivalent of a studio-grade condenser microphone under the guitar's saddle, micro-Class A preamplifier with over 1000 hours playing time between lithium battery changes.

Schertler BEQ-2570...

The BLUESTiCK is the first acoustic guitar transducer to actually reproduce the sound of a guitar - instead of merely recreating it via imprecise piezo-ceramic mechanics. You'll enjoy extended frequency response, microscopic detail and up to 30dB more dynamic range than with old technology transducers. Now, the great, natural sound of BLUESTiCK can be customized at the guitar.

The BLUESTiCK ACTIVE EQ requires no invasive installation procedures. In addition to amplifying the true sound of your instrument, BLUESTiCK ACTIVE EQ now offers a wide range of creative possibilities just waiting to be dialed in.



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