DVD/CD 2 disc set / web site exclusive

Available exclusively on-line and at TMBG shows only!

DVD includes eleven original video clips along with an original narration by former literary agent John Hodgman in the role of the Deranged Millionaire. Bonus video material includes "Damn Good Times," "Bastard Wants to Hit Me," "Experimental Film" (with Homestarrunner), and "I'm All You Can Think About" The Venue Songs CD includes over an hour of music-all for the first time on CD. All the new studio recordings of the Venue Songs are included in full CD fidelity. The disc also features rarities "Renew My Subscription," "Love Is Eternity," "Taste the Fame" and “The Bloodmobile” and compiles all the original Venue Song recordings from the 2004 tour.

While this two disc set will probably be commercially released at a later date, and much of the visual material will be shown on the new TMBG website, it is offered now as a definitive copy of all this fine material in one deluxe two-disc set, and just in time for the holiday!

DVD/CD Track Listing
All Songs written by They Might Be Giants


1. Dallas
2. Albany
3. Los Angeles
4. Anaheim
5. Vancouver
6. Pittsburgh
7. Asheville
8. Glasgow
9. Charlottesville
10. Asbury Park
11. Brooklyn
12. Love Is Eternity
13. Renew My Subscription
14. Taste the Fame
15. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too
16. Bloodmobile

17. Omaha
18. Houston
19. Leeds
20. New Orleans
21. Colombia
22. Santa Cruz
23. Minneapolis
24. Tucson
25. San Francisco
26. Memphis
27. Charleston
28. Atlanta
29. Farmingdale
30. New Haven
31. London
32. Raleigh
33. Towson
34. St. Louis
35. Philadelphia
36. Austin
37. Dallas
38. Albany
39. Los Angeles
40. Anaheim
41. Vancouver
42. Pittsburgh
43. Glasgow
44. Charlottesville
45. Asbury Park
46. Brooklyn

1. Greeting from the Deranged Millionaire
2. "The experiment begins"
3. Dallas
4. "A concrete shrine"
5. Albany
6. "Paradoxically"
7. Los Angeles
8. "An oasis of hooch"
9. Anaheim
10. "The great walled city"
11. Vancouver
12. "Monongahela"
13. Pittsburgh
14. "You can’t go home again"
15. Asheville
16, "and so"
17. Glasgow
18. "Returning to the U.S."
19. Charlottesville
20. "Skee-ball and saltwater taffy"
21. Asbury Park
22. "The tour nearly over"
23. Brooklyn
24. Goodbye from the Deranged Millionaire
25. Damn Good Times
26. Experimental Film
27. Bastard Wants to Hit Me
28. I'm All You Can Think About

Venue Songs Double Disc Set